Know about Between the Buns !



Between the buns was founded in the year 2020, in the midst of covid when the industry took a major slap from people being hesitant to dine in but still had an interest in experiencing new eateries in the form of take out and delivery, the founders moved in from different provinces having a strong emotion to get back to their root home which was Saskatchewan with an idea to still make a way to cater to its peoples taste buds and put a twist to the prime rib of fast food i.e. Burgers and milkshakes, which gave rise to the founding concept of between the buns beginning its operation in the form of a Ghost kitchen from their pre existing restaurant Hunger cure resto bar on 2nd avenue.


A major standpoint in the concept was to acquire locally sourced farm raised organic meats and provide it to the local people, supporting local businesses in Saskatchewan and being one of them. Hence, we provide fresh and lean meats which are made in house including Elk, Bison, boar, Lamb, Beef, Chicken, Fish and many more to be expected in the near future. The dream which Began as a ghost kitchen now has its own physical location creating memorable experiences for everyone on early drive in saskatoon. From the immense support of our local customers, we’ll be opening more locations in the forthcoming years.